Store & Mobile Vending Machine Platform Reach and Capabilities

This proprietary ad display and content delivery technology presents an interactive rich media experience complete with a powerful on-board transaction system--and just like real world vending machines, products can be placed in front of customers on the internet. MVM's can be linked on websites, inside apps and games, in social media and even at precise GPS locations. This patented technology works in combination with search, social media, advertising and e-commerce technologies.    Google, Facebook and Amazon allow the targeting, discovery, retrieval and tracking of digital media and e-commerce activity directly from search results, online/in-app/in-game banner ads, links in email, Twitter feeds and directly from mobile ads. In addition to your own goods, entire inventories of goods from Amazon, iTunes and hundreds of other on-line retailers can also be sold on an affiliate basis with Vendto, bringing new commission revenue streams to our users. Platform

Powerful Rights Management + Security Infrastructure

The e-commerce capabilities include affiliate relationships, persistent tracking and authentication, a payment gateway and a shopping cart enabling content owners to sell digital AND physical goods. The system uses the same rights management and security infrastructure as the world’s largest digital goods seller. This system has been behind over a billion successful transactions in the last 5 years and is trusted for any type of media distribution. Producing new Internet Vending Machines is easy using the self-service Vendto builder, allowing for customers to register and build their own e-commerce channels.

The Vendto platform creates profitable opportunities for the creators and distributers of digital content and physical goods. Customers can easily create and customize content maximized for monetization via high impact merchandizing, then place the content in front of potential customers using the latest targeting techniques.


The content can then be securely viewed by the customer with comprehensive tracking of the characteristics of their use. Any financial transactions generated by the use of the content are securely handled by the platform, making the sale of both digital and physical goods from the content a matter of a few clicks.

Customers can take total control of their products, merchandizing, marketing, advertising and fulfillment, since it is all provided by the platform. All of the data generated at each stage of the process is the property of the customers, as opposed to how most of the content aggregators operate where the sales data is isolated from the marketing.