Leveraging Your Personal and Professional Networks

When Alvin Toffler, the futurist writer first learned of the Internet, he proclaimed that its most important impact was to make it possible for everyone to bring value to or monetize their own intellectual property and goods. This is what Vendo enables.

Whatever your personal interests and professional expertise might be, you probably have a network of people who follow you.  If you are a fisherman, your Facebook friends probably have seen the results of your passion (usually a picture of a very large fish).   Many of your friends might want to fish like you...but they need to know the equipment, the books, the locations so they can be successful.  

Rohit Bhargava's book "Likeonomics" takes this truth further.  Friends and collegues deal together from a trust and relevance perspective.  If they like each other and know each other, they are more likely to respond to recommendations and information from each other.  This can be a powerful economic engine.

 Vendto lets you embed or deliver your product anywhere. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google +, Instant Messaging, SMS, Email or your own website. Embedding your products where you already have traffic means customers can purchase without being redirected to a storefront.

Mobile Vending Machine

Vendto enables you to profit from these relationships by giving you the power to promote and sell a world of products to your network, both your own products and from major affliate networks, earning commissions in the process.