How Vendto Works to Make You Money

Sell Products Risk Free to Your Personal and Professional Networks


You sell your products, and you sell other products that are relavant:  Leverage your expertise and personal network towards greater sales volumes.

Built in Sharing:  Our patented technology enables automatic sharing in Facebook, Twitter, Email, SMS and on websites. 

Powerful Analytics: Know how many times your Vending Machine has been viewed, what has been viewed and where your sales are coming from.

Cross Platform Works just like a YouTube video embed.  Works with any screen size including mobile and pads.

Works with most popular payment systems Many of your customers credit cards are already on file with our trusted partners.

Control of your deals:  Our patented conditional access technologies enables 
timed deals,  remote price changes, even geographic or GPS based access and changes.

Instant Access to Affliate Program Products:  You make money on your stuff and commissions on relevant products from the worlds largest affliate programs.

Here is a working example of an embedded Mobile Vending Machine (right)

Vendto combines all of these processes organically....where the marketing, selling, fulfillment, tracking and analytics are one continuous loop. This provides real time data about every aspect of your marketing and sales giving you daily control over messaging and targeting. Vendto uses technology that enables content to be dispensed and transacted directly from display advertising so a movie or song is streamed instantly from advertising. 

You can have Vendto vending machines for your products spread all over the internet that can be liked, recommended, tweeted, emailed, advertised or otherwise shared.