ContentDeliveryAds Announces New Platform for Rich Media Distribution Via Digital Advertising Networks

The Company is boosted by 5 new granted patents.

September 22 - Tucson, AZ - A breakthrough system for distributing high value media via a full range of traditional online advertising channels is rolling out today, aiming to change the way content owners deliver and profit from distributing rich media. ContentDeliveryAds' (CDA) patented technology leverages existing digital advertising, search and social networks to create highly targeted, decentralized Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) and help to eliminate multiple clicks to reach desired search results.

By enabling discovery and retrieval of rich media directly from paid or organic search results, social networks, banner ads, on-line games, e-mails and even tweets, CDA helps any content owner turn a profit online.  The patented system delivers rich media advertising, video, audio, documents, e-books, research reports or even catalogs of physical goods.
ContentDeliveryAds, is an advertising agency and technology company that has been in the digital media industry for over ten years.  CDA has gained rights to an international patent portfolio from DRM Technologies, LLC that covers many of it's primary operations. Included in those rights are access to DRM's "DigitalContainer" technologies and patents.

With the CDA platform, rich media ads and digital goods are matched to users and search terms to create an instant market for content. Connections between desire, search and fulfillment of content offer new opportunities for advertisers and sellers of digital and physical goods.

CDA is also announcing gaining rights to 5 additional new patents adding to its growing IP portfolio.  

The new patents include "Delivering Electronic Content" (U.S. Patent Nos. 7,562,150 and 7,272,655) 

ContentDeliveryAds added to its content and ad tracking IP rights, "Tracking Electronic Content" (U.S. Patent No. 7,673,059).

Additionally  "Secure Streaming Container" (U.S. Patent No. 7,251,832) and "Securing Digital Content" (U.S. Patent No. 7,421,741) buttressing its already robust digital security IP rights.  Rights to international patents were also obtained in Europe, Japan, Canada, India and others.  The company has rights to awarded patents that include key business elements for content owners, search companies, software developers and communications concerns, including the securing, delivery, regulating and tracking of valuable digital media files.

Benefits of using ContentDeliveryAds include:


For Content Owners

   +Create a marketing plan with digital advertising and SEO, then securely track, authorize and monetize content.
   +Analytics and behavioral data is provided through our patented tracking technologies.
   +Dramatically lower distribution costs. 
   +Extension of existing advertising targeting and revenue models.
   +Enhanced metrics and monetization capabilities (including integrated merchandise).

For Content Users

    +Ability to discover content via search and access directly…with one click.
    +Ability to copy and share their files legally.
     +A richer user experience that works online and off.

“Using contemporary behavioral targeting and SEO to distribute and monetize rich content via search, ad and social networks became the Holy Grail for us many years ago, " said Chip Venters, Co-Founder and CEO of the Company. "Giving consumers instant access to the content they want through a variety of channels satisfies their needs and gives control of content distribution back to the owners…and away from the aggregators". 

“With the rights to awarded patents and technology we have in place, ContentDeliveryAds bridges the gaps that have historically challenged the technology and entertainment industries,” added Gary Blakely, Sr. VP Digital Revenue Strategy.  "The well-worn search and online advertising infrastructure along with exciting new social media channels become the new touch points between content sellers and consumers.

About ContentDeliveryAds

ContentDeliveryAds is a new venture that has obtained rights to intellectual property and software from DRM Technologies, LLC.  CDA's digital distribution platform leverages the power of online advertising and ‘Superdistribution’ to help content owners significantly lower distribution costs, extend distribution infinitely across the Web, and provide new valuable Web metrics and monetization channels. CDA also owns the rights to the  patented ‘DigitalContainers’ technology offering a complete content distribution system for content owners to protect and distribute valuable content of movies, music, games, e-books and more.