Company Bios

Co-founder and e-Commerce Strategist: Chip Venters

Chip is a career entrepreneur and a pioneer of the digital distribution and advertising industry. 

He was instrumental in the development of technologies and patents that have enabled an entirely new digital content distribution and sales model where all intellectual property can have a profitable business model.  Microsoft,  Amazon and others are licensees of these technologies.

Venters is a frequent speaker at industry conferences such Digital Hollywood, Jupiter DRM Conferences, Billboard Digital Media, and Digital Home and is a technology consultant to McGraw Hill and others.

Previously he was Senior Vice President of of SiteScape, Inc., a start-up enterprise teamware and social media software company that grew to a position of industry leadership in just 18 months and was eventually acquired by Novell. 

Chip authored some of the earliest white papers on social media and was a frequent presenter at international conferences on the subject. 

Chip started his career as a video producer, a publisher and an advertising agency creative director, where he won numerous awards for creative and marketing excellence.  He is a child of the media, having grown up in a family radio, TV and publishing business.

He continues to do marketing and development  work for non-profits including the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

Chip spends his free time surfing, biking, scuba diving, skiing, cooking and writing.  An interview with Chip by the University of North Carolina Wilmington Business School regarding digital media and entreprenuership can be viewed at

Co-founder and Chief Digital Revenue Strategist: Gary Blakely

Gary specializes in internet marketing strategy and digital revenue consulting. He recognized the value of search engine marketing (SEM) and search engine optimization (SEO) early on for his own businesses.

His early adoption of search strategies (which are both art and science) helped him grow several successful entities. These capabilities are absolutely essential in contemporary business marketing....and he knows them cold.

Gary is the site architect for the company--overseeing the development of the websites and promotional campaigns. 

Gary started his long love affair with media after driving up the Alaska Highway with a satellite TV dish mounted on a trailer, towed behind a Chevy van. Because of Gary, residents of Alaska bush communities got to look at HBO and ESPN for the first time. From there, he went on to manage a local TV station in Anchorage and help run a full-service video production facility.

Gary fosters his love of food and wine by traveling to Alaska wilderness destinations and exploring the country with his friends. He co-founded the “Great Alaska TourSaver” and is still the company photographer and Digital Revenure Strategist.

Chief Rich Media Strategist: Barry Phillips

Barry has been involved in the computer software and communications industry for 23 years.

Before joining Vendto as Director of Operations, Barry was part of the team at DigitalContainers, Deskgate Technologies and M2Direct where the Digital Containers' Digital Rights Management technology was originally developed. At Deskgate and M2Direct, Barry managed the Internet content production team and directed all customer support activities.  

Prior to joining Deskgate Technologies, Barry directed the operations of TotalFax, an enhanced fax services firm based in Research Triangle Park, NC. Before joining TotalFax, Barry directed the audiovisual training program for Northern Telecom at the NT Training Center in Raleigh, NC. Barry was responsible for the nationwide distribution of audiovisual training programs.

Barry has a degree in electrical engineering from NC State University and a degree in Radio, Television and Motion Pictures from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Chief Technology Architect: Addison Hardy

(Coming Soon)

Director of Business Development: Duane Auman

Our business development manager Duane Auman brings over 25 years of experience dealing with the public and private sectors to the Vendto team.  After a 15 year career as a flight attendant with USAIRways, Duane took a role in business development with IT and Telephony start -up IT Management & Consulting in 2003.  Duane took great pride in helping to build the technical infrastructure of medical practices and other businesses from the ground up.   Attention to detail won over many loyal customers, many of whom remain with ITMC to this day.     

In 2009 Duane became the Business Development Manager, Eastern Region for California-based American Logistics Company. As an Ambassador for his company from the Mississippi-east, Duane introduced an innovative transportation model to school districts in 17 states. Duane’s transportation programs generate over $700,000 annually, save money for school districts, and safely transport special needs students to school daily.

 Duane is pumped to be a part of the Vendto team. “With the constant marketing barrage consumers face each day, there is a high level of distrust towards today’s retailers. Vendto   allows any consumer to safely buy from the people they know and trust.”  

Duane enjoys spending the weekends outdoors with his two children and straight-A students, Ariel, 12, and Jake 8. They enjoy surfing, snorkeling, fishing, trail riding, and hosting neighborhood cookouts.   One of Duane’s strongest beliefs is “he who dies with the most friends wins!”

Director of Business Affairs: Mike Farley

Prior to joining Vendto, he was President, Chief Executive Officer and a member of the Board of Directors of Digital Fuel, Inc. Digital Fuel, a public company, was involved in the business of providing financing and strategic business plans for small to medium sized companies involved in the Internet. 

Prior to Digital Fuel, Mr. Farley was instrumental in developing a strategic business plan for DeskGate Technologies, Inc., a company that developed Digital Rights Management technology, and raising $1.5 million of equity for the company. From 1988 to 1994, Mr. Farley was involved in the telecommunications business and was a member of the Board of Directors of Mid-Atlantic Paging Company, Inc. and Managing General Partner of the Richmond/Tidewater system. From 1995 to 1998, Mr. Farley was a Director, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Celutel, Inc., a public company specializing in the development of cellular telephone systems throughout the United States.

Prior to his involvement in the telecommunications industry, Mr. Farley served as Director of Advance for the Office of Vice President George Bush at the White House, Washington, D.C.