About Us

We are living in a world where the old rules of marketing no longer apply. Today, consumers are in control, and it's all about influence and participation much more than persuasion. We give them access to what they want in the way they are now accustomed...via search, social networks, trusted portals and sharing with friends. 

Vend.to e-commerce capabilities include instant creation of affiliate relationships, persistent tracking and authentication, a payment gateway and a shopping cart enabling content owners to sell digital and physical goods. The system uses the same rights management and security infrastructure as the world’s largest digital goods seller and has been behind over a billion successful transactions in the last 5 years.   Producing Mobile Vending Machines is easy using the self-service Vendto builder, allowing for customers to  build their own e-commerce channels.

             • No need for a storefront
             • No up-front fees
             • No risk to offer products
             • Deliver and/or embed products anywhere

Some history

As far back as 1997 the founders of our Company envisioned a world where digital content would move freely about the internet while still protecting the rights of the creators. They saw a time when all content could be discovered in a multitude of ways and then accessed immediately. 

They were among the first to package and sell digital music, books, newspapers and documents on the Web in 1998-99 and were voted Best New Company at Internet World that year. In 2000 a major television network utilized their pioneering technology to deliver Olympics content directly from banner ads on websites...a major leap forward.

Knowing they had created some very significant technologies, the founders filed patents on their key inventions.  Now, some 12 years later, some of the largest tech companies in the world are licensees of these patents.  Many of their patents are just coming into their own due to the success of digital media and advertising.

At Vend.to, we intend to continue our tradition of leading edge technical development and the associated growth of our intellectual property resources for the benefit of our customers and their consumers.

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