Easy To Use

Vend.to is an easy-to-use, self-service platform for e-commerce used to enable online sales of goods and services.

Promote your own products and make commissions selling thousands of other products from affiliate programs by simply dragging and dropping them into a “Mobile Vending Machine."

Vend.to - Mobile Vending Machine


Easy To Share

Your Mobile Vending Machines are shared via Facebook, Google, Twitter, SMS, Email, widgets on websites and blog embeds, enabling “one-click” buying--including smart phones. Vendto enables push and recommendation marketing.

This proprietary technology is protected by a portfolio of patents

Start by selling to your own network 


How it Works

It's a Mobile Vending Machine for your digital or physical goods, strategically placed in front of customers.  We provide you instant access to the world's largest affliate programs enabling the sales of relevant goods to your personal network.

Set-up Mobile Vending Machines in minutes and share products with friends and followers.

No upfront fees and it's easy to set-up